libzhuoer 0.3.0

Breaking changes

  1. introduce cols_char() to supersede read_char_*()

    Formerly I write that wrapper function and try to handle various situations. When I want to fix a bug, I realise that the real world is too complicated. Actually the core point is to set default column type to character, which can be easily accomplished by readr::cols(..., .default = readr::col_character()).

  2. remove unused function initiate_dir()

New features

  1. add or enrich example for every function

Minor improvements and fixes

  1. gzip_integrity() correct return FALSE for broken file now

libzhuoer 0.2.0

New features

  1. improve documentation (mainly add pkgdown)

libzhuoer 0.1.0

New features

  1. open multiple urls sequentially in browser
  2. check integrity of gzip files in a directory
  3. read delimited file assuming every column is character
  4. helper function for assertthat