Web App

The package is very simple to use, all you need is a browser, like Chrome.

But if you can’t stand the low speed and the limit on population size and generation number 1, you may consider the following approach.

Run on your own computer

In this way, you can free from the above troubles. It’s very easy, you just need to install R, which is even simpler than QQ.

  1. install R (use this for Windows users.)

  2. install this package

if (!('devtools' %in% .packages(T))) install.packages('devtools');
  1. enjoy
  • for static mode
shiny::runGitHub('dongzhuoer/pgmcs', subdir = 'inst/shiny/population-genetics-monte-carlo-simulation')
  • for dynamic mode
shiny::runGitHub('dongzhuoer/pgmcs', subdir = 'inst/shiny/population-genetics-monte-carlo-simulation2')

  1. Additionly, the connection may often break and you have to refresh.↩︎