There are so many good bookdown books freely available online, with source code open. However, the network is so slow (especially in Nankai University), and I want to customize the appearance. To solve the first problem, I regularly fetch source code and build the book myself 1. And the second one can be solved by overwriting _output.yml. Here comes this package, which glues the two solution together, i.e., overwrite (patially) _output.yml without editing the original file. I’m sorry if you find the package clumsy to use, since it’s tailored for my personal usage,


make_gitbook() overwrites original _output.yml by Zhuoer’s favirote _output.yml (with bookdown.css), then by user provided _output.yml (output_format_file parameter).

It also add several links in TOC:

  • url to respect the author’s copyright
  • download_link to share the output with others

  1. To be precise, I build the book on Travis and git clone the output, with the bonus that others can also get the output (if they share similar preference with me).↩︎